WordCamp Nederland Presenteert met Trots de Volgende 5 Sprekers!

Het aftellen naar WordCamp NL 2016 is begonnen. Op 14, 15 en 16 oktober a.s. is Utrecht het epicentrum van WordPress Nederland. In de aanloop naar dit event introduceert WordCamp NL met trots haar sprekers line-up. In dit artikel: de introductie van de volgende 5 sprekers!

Robert Heessels

Robert Heessels is a Dutch entrepreneur and software developer. He has a real passion for helping small-business owners successfully promote their business on the internet.

Robert started several new business over the years and generated many millions in Internet sales. He is happily married and proud father of four teenagers.

Robert is co-founder of SwiftySite, helping people who struggle with creating a decent website to be successful with WordPress.

How to get the best Google PageSpeed Insights scores for your website
Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is a system that Google uses to see how well your website is optimized for speed and usability on both mobile and desktop. Having a good PSI score is getting more and more important for getting at the top of the Google search results. And you can even be banned from mobile search. Unfortunately web designers often neglect to optimise their sites for PSI.

PSI takes dozens of factors into account. In this talk we will look at the most important factors and what you can do to get as high a PSI score as reasonably possible. There are several techniques that you can use without too much effort, that can have a huge impact. Having PSI scores of 90+ is well possible for most sites.

After this talk you will have a deeper insight into what Google PageSpeed Insights is all about and how you can optimize your sites to be ranked higher in the Google search results.

Petya Raykovska

Petya is a Senior Project Manager at Human Made where she helps large projects across big publishers and enterprise succeed. She is a huge WordPress enthusiast, active member of the WordPress community and is one of the WordPress Polyglots team leads supporting the people who translate WordPress to more than 160 languages. Petya helped organise WordCamp Europe 2014 and WordCamp Europe 2015 and lead the team that organised WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna.

The Open Source Agency and the future of work
WordPress is growing and the number of big brands, complicated projects and high-traffic sites running on it grows as well. But what does it take to run a stable business based on WordPress? How do some agencies manage to get big and take on more and more challenging clients and projects while others struggle?

This talk explores several habits that successful open source agencies have in common. From client relations to processes, company culture, and hiring, it gives you pieces of know-how from some of the most successful WordPress agencies.

Mario Peshev

Mario is the CEO of DevriX, a distributed WordPress development agency with a team of 25. He’s been a WordPress Core contributor since WordPress 3.7, an author of dozens of plugins, and a technical aficionado with over 12 years of software engineering and architecture experience.
Over the past 5 years he’s been leading a remote team around the world, leading the technical business development of large platforms in the automotive, airline, media, educational and marketing fields, and consulting businesses on growth, business development and architecture.

Building SaaS With WordPress
“Building SaaS With WordPress” will cover the process of building a WordPress Software as a Service product. We will discuss the power of WordPress Multisite, existing solutions for leveraging the membership capabilities of a network, handling payments and creating a viable business on top of WordPress. The session will target developers and business owners interested in building a SaaS on top of WordPress.

Juliette Reinders Folmer

Juliette Reinders Folmer is an all round consultant and web-developer who tries not be a geek. Juliette is a long-standing member of PHPWomen which helped her immensely to find her feet in the PHP world. She is ZCE, actively contributes to a number of open source projects, has published several articles and speaks at conferences when given the chance. She loves it when you give her a chance to refactor spaghetti-code to something elegant and maintainable.

Juliette is self-employed and based in the Netherlands.

The secret to mastering WordPress Multi-site
WordPress multi-site is a powerful tool which lets you run thousands of websites with just one WordPress installation.

Developing for WordPress multi-site, however, is a fine art which too few have mastered.

But it doesn’t have to be hard – it’s all about understanding the difference in behaviour between a single site WP install and Multi-site and knowing which WordPress functions to use, when and how.

Join in and beat the competition by making your plugins compatible with WordPress Multi-site!

Luc Princen

Luc Princen is co-founder and lead developer at Chef du Web. An online agency which specializes in a mix of design, development and marketing communication. He works a lot with WordPress. He loves open source, elegant code, fast load times, barbecueing caveman meals and playing the occasional (grand) strategy game. You can find him on Twitter with the handle @LucP.

No Plugins Required: The tale of a DIY-agency
Plugins contribute to one of WordPress’ major strengths; it’s flexibility. But as with every major strength it also comes with a few big downsides, which we’ll explore in this talk.

This is a story about a WordPress agency that wanted to do something different; write almost everything themselves. The talk explores the following questions:

Why would you want to build yourself?
What is it that you are going to build?
and How would you go about doing this?