WordCamp Nederland Presenteert met Trots de Volgende 5 Sprekers!

Het aftellen naar WordCamp NL 2016 is begonnen. Op 14, 15 en 16 oktober a.s. is Utrecht het epicentrum van WordPress Nederland. In de aanloop naar dit event introduceert WordCamp NL met trots haar line-up aan sprekers. In dit artikel: de komst van 5 nieuwe sprekers!

Jaime Martínez

A long time WordPress enthusiast & happy coder @ Level Level; a full-service WordPress agency building beautiful and effective websites. As an allround developer both back-end and front-end code is keeping him connected with WordPress. When it comes to his contributions to the community it all started with working on WP-CLI, continued with random Pull Requests around the web and right now the focus is on the Clarkson project. Besides coding he co-organizes the Rotterdam WPMeetup010 and enjoys dropping by at other meetups and WordCamps. Contact him on Twitter via @jmslbam.

Enhance your WordPress development with Twig and Clarkson
Here at Level Level we created an Open Source Twig based plugin ‘Clarkson Core’: a template engine with under the hood a collection of Object-oriented WordPress classes and some lightweight handy features.
This, in combination with a basic modern starter-theme and some agreed upon guidelines, contributes to a workflow that keeps comprehensive projects aligned with our technical goals. Meanwhile keeping the WordPress way of development in mind.

Currently every new project runs upon the Clarkson stack resulting in a variety of already delivered websites like Autotaalglas, Elsevier.nl, Kansfonds, SOMO and more. Our goals were to deliver maintainable, high quality and stable code that kept running after every automated deployment without having to hold our breath.

Manuela van Prooijen

Begin 2011 is Manuela gestart met Weblish (WordPress & online marketing trainingen/webbouw). Sinds 2014 organiseert Manuela elk kwartaal de WordPress Meetup Utrecht. En als gecertificeerd Guerrilla Marketing Coach adviseert ze zzp-ers over low-budget/creatieve online marketing oplossingen. Dol op oldskool takkeherrie en een goed belegde bagel!

Lang leve de klant: haal meer uit je WordPress business!
Veel bedrijven benutten het potentieel van hun bestaande klanten bij lange na niet genoeg. Vaak worden deze trouwe klanten als een soort meubelstukken gezien: ze zijn er, maar er wordt weinig aandacht aanbesteed. Je constant richten op het binnenhalen van nieuwe klanten is een dure grap (het is 5 tot tien keer duurder dan de kosten voor het behouden van bestaande klanten). Bij Weblish richten we ons vooral op het zo optimaal blijven bedienen van onze bestaande klanten. Ik ga via deze talk verschillende strategieën met jullie delen die Weblish gebruikt om die klantrelatie zo sterk mogelijk te maken en zo meer omzet te genereren.

Tom Hermans

Tom Hermans is a Belgian Web Developer, developing end-to-end solutions with a strong focus on UX, design & front-end code. Worked in the past few years for Sony, Unicef, Studio100, Axe and nowadays working as a frontend developer on the digital TV platform for Telenet (Yelo, SPA) along with freelance projects.

He speaks regularly at the WordCamps and meetups and is co-organizing WordCamp Belgium. Played with Lego as a kid according to his Twitter bio and can also communicate fluently in gifs and Star Wars memes.

Learning JavaScript (deeply)
WordPress, JS, API, SPA, REST, JSON, Angular, React are the terms and abbreviations that are being mentioned and handled to try to explain that WordPress can be a platform as another.

Francesca Marano

WordPress professional, community junkie, business explorer. I make WordPress things happen from Torino, Italy: Polyglots and Community team member, Meetup and WordCamp organizer.

Founder of C+B (http://cpiub.com), a blog for Italian female creative entrepreneurs, with an editorial staff offering daily advice to women who work on their own.

Author of two e-books for freelancers who want to take it to the next level: “Who’s afraid of the business plan?” and “Solopreneur”.

I am a passionate speaker and you can find me in Italy and around the world talking about WordPress, community, open source, women in tech, small businesses.

Multi-author blogging how to: tips, tricks, tools to keep you sane
In September 2013 I launched a blog for Italian creative female entrepreneurs: I was chatting almost daily with a bunch of other freelancers and we thought it would have been cool to have a place to hangout online and tell our stories.

Three years later, C+B (Casa+Bottega) is a very popular niche blog in Italy, entirely made of volunteers, with more than 10 regular authors and 50 guest-posters.

In these 3 years we tried many different approaches to organize our team and our editorial calendar: in this talk I will take you behind the scenes of our blog and show you what we do to coordinate our efforts and keep our sanity!

Björn Wijers

Björn Wijers is a senior software developer with an Interaction Design background focusing on webdevelopment using Open Source software.

He’s been using the moniker Burobjorn.nl since 2006 to offer his services as a freelance / interim professional to small and large clients such as De Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Services), Pharmeon, Voorjebuurt.nl and many others. Even though his been working with WordPress for more than 12 years, he still doesn’t call himself a WordPress developer.

The benefits of your own internal WordPress.org like repository
In this talk Björn will talk about:

The pro and cons of having your own WordPress.org like repository for your organisation and to create one yourself.

How to setup an internal WordPress repository for clients using github-updater, Git, Atlassian’s Bitbucket Server (I might add other options as well).

After seeing this talk you should have gotten an idea on why and how to setup your own internal WordPress.org like repository!