WordCamp Nederland Presenteert met Trots de Volgende 6 Sprekers!

Het aftellen naar WordCamp NL 2016 is begonnen. Op 14, 15 en 16 oktober a.s. is Utrecht het epicentrum van WordPress Nederland. In de aanloop naar dit event introduceert WordCamp NL met trots haar line-up aan sprekers. In dit artikel: de komst van 6 nieuwe sprekers!

Andrew Killen

Andrew has worked with the web for 22 years, at the moment he’s the Technical Lead for RNWmedia (an NGO). He works to provide digital products to the most difficult places around the planet. RNW is “Radio Netherlands Worldwide”, the old Wereldomroep. On average they get 30m hits per month in 7 languages.

On top of that he’s the CTO of SpeckBoy Design Magazine and a member of The WP Crowd

Webstite Creation for Sponsorship and Donations
How should you make a website look, feel, and function to get the most from Sponsorship and Donations for Charity and NGO websites.

Chris Vermeulen

For the last 15 years, Chris has been helping shopkeepers like his sister Caroline, self-employed guys like his friend Roy and volunteers such as the ones running the parents association at his kid’s school to properly present themselves online. In fact, he has been able to help well over 20.000 of them through his web hosting company, web design company, and Swifty BV; a software development company dedicated to helping small businesses succeed online. Swifty is most well known for bridging the gap between WordPress professionals and their clients through SwiftySite; a free WordPress plugin.

Besides God and his wife and his kids, this is what he loves most; helping people succeed in their business, in their organization, in life.

3 ways you can increase your revenue starting this Monday morning
There are 2 problems almost ALL freelancers face, regardless of their occupation, and those are:

1) what happens before they to the thing they are really good at
2) what happens after they do the thing they are really good at

Danny Dagan

Danny Dagan is a Senior Web Strategist for WordPress agency 10up, who are key contributors to WordPress core. He is also legally educated and wrote a dissertation about the new data protection regime.

He loves combining the two ‘geek professions’, tech and law, and promises not to use Latin unless it is entirely necessary (though Dothraki and Klingon may be featured).

Privacy by Design: 7 things you can’t afford to ignore
The new EU law on data protection is going to change things for your website and digital platform, whether you are technical, UX or a business owner. Non compliance could mean up to EUR20 million fines (more in some cases) – but there’s no need to panic (yet). We as an industry have two years to prepare.

In this presentation I will explain the practical steps we can take to be ready, be it for existing sites and platforms or when planning new ones.

Dr. Evert Semeijn

Dr. Evert Semeijn is neuropsycholoog en werkt al sinds 2004 met WordPress en sinds 2011 met WooCommerce. In 2009 heeft hij FourLeafed opgericht waar hij zich is gaan richten op het optimaliseren van WordPress en WooCommerce websites voor startups, kleine ondernemers en grote bedrijven.

Evert is WooExpert, organisator van de officiële WooCommerce Amsterdam meetup en hij deelt zijn kennis en ervaring met de community tijdens WordPress en WooCommerce meetups.

Verleid het brein
Het is tegenwoordig ontzettend makkelijk om met WooCommerce een webshop te lanceren. Maar dan ben je er nog niet! Hoe zorg jij er voor dat jouw bezoekers klant worden en jouw bedrijf een succes is?

Na ‘Verleid het brein’ heb je inzicht gekregen in de psychologie van het verleiden en zijn je handvaten aangereikt waarmee jij direct jouw bezoekers kunt overhalen om klant te worden en te blijven.

John Blackbourn

John is a WordPress core developer, a member of the WordPress security team, and he was the release lead for WordPress 4.1. He works as a senior WordPress developer at Human Made in the UK.

An introduction to character encoding and emoji
As a developer, understanding character encoding adds a lot of clarity to your work, especially when you’re dealing with text that contains characters beyond A-Z. If you’ve ever migrated a database from one site to another and ended up with jumbled characters in your content, this talk is for you. I’ll also explain why emoji in WordPress is the public relations face of something much more important.

Pascal Birchler

Pascal is a 23-year-old student and web developer from Switzerland. He contributes to WordPress by organising local events and through direct core contributions.

He’s been working with WordPress for years and he’s involved with both the German-speaking and the international community.

Pascal received commit access to WordPress core after leading the embeds feature plugin included in WordPress 4.4. For 4.6 he helped polish Shiny Updates.

On Feature Projects and Shiny Updates
In 2015 I helped build the embeds feature that got into WordPress 4.4. Only a few months later I helped get Shiny Updates V2 into WordPress 4.6. I will explain what feature projects are before sharing the story behind these two projects. How did we manage them? How do they differ? Where got things messed up?
For example, Shiny Updates has only been partially merged into core. Why did this happen and what can we learn from it? Also, I want to give a glimpse at Shiny Updates V3 (and perhaps another new feature project as well!) and encourage people to contribute to core — either in general or through feature projects.