WordCamp Nederland Presenteert met Trots de Volgende 8 Sprekers!

Het aftellen naar WordCamp NL 2016 is begonnen. Op 14, 15 en 16 oktober a.s. is Utrecht het epicentrum van WordPress Nederland. In de aanloop naar dit event introduceert WordCamp NL met trots haar line-up aan sprekers. In dit artikel: de komst van 8 nieuwe sprekers!

Peter Martin

Peter Martin loves the freedom and possibilities that open source software gives you as user and the knowledge sharing that you can only find within such open source communities. Peter has been active in the Joomla community since 2005: at first as regular forum user, and later as Global Moderator at Joomla forum and member of the Community Leadership Team.

Peter has his own business www.db8.nl (founded in 2005) and supports companies and organizations with Joomla implementations, support and custom Joomla extension development.

Furthermore he organizes Open Coffee (a monthly networking event for small businesses and self employed people) in his hometown Nijmegen, The Netherlands and Linux Nijmegen (a Linux User Group with monthly meetings).

His other interests are open source software, PHP, Linux (Debian, Raspbian), Raspberry Pi, music (collecting vinyl records), art house movies, trivia.

Communicating with Internet of Things (IoT)
Since the release of a 5 dollar wifi-board called ESP8266, the Internet of Things has been booming more than ever. How do such IoT devices communicate? How to connect them to your website?

Peter will describe some IoT communication protocols (MQTT in particular), how to flash a ESP8266 to run your own scripts, how to implement MQTT, and (if-technology-permits) do a live demo with Joomla/WordPress & IoT.

Taeke Reijenga

WordPress professional and owner of Level Level, a full-service WordPress agency

Autotaalglas – a Case Study
Autotaalglas.nl is a well known windshield repair company in the Netherlands. Over a period of a year we redesigned and redeveloped their website doubling their online conversion in the first 2 months after launch.

In this talk I will use Autotaalglas.nl as a case study to illustrate the importance of good UI and UX for a succesfull website. Running WordPress as a CMS has many advantages but it is not automatically making your website a great website.
How did we achieve a doubling of conversion and what are we doing to hold on to the conversion increase? Knowing that on average a car owner has a windshield chip or crack once every seven years you will understand that it doesn’t make a loyal customer.
How to keep developing the platform and giving the client an advantage over their competitors? By the time WordCamp Netherlands takes place we are implementing a new feature that connects the website to the planning tool of every repair shop to show availability.

Theo van der Zee

As the founder of ConversionReview, Theo van der Zee helps organizations to improve their websites through website reviews, training, coaching and A/B testing. Theo is a psychologist, keynote speaker and profound lover of beaches.

More Results From Mobile and Tablet Visitors
Is your WordPress website truly ready for an increase in visitors using mobile phones and tablets? Research shows most websites have much lower conversion ratios for mobile devices compared to the desktop. Why is this relevant and how can you change this for your website?

This presentation will offer insights into the behavior of your mobile visitors. It will also provide highly actionable tips and techniques on how to improve the top problems (such as loading speed, menus and forms) that prevent mobile visitors from converting to customers.

Franz Vitulli

Franz works at Human Made, a top-tier WordPress agency (WordPress.com VIP partner) that provides development and consultancy for large-scale sites and enterprise clients, creates awesome products online—such as Happytables, BackUpWordPress and Nomadbase—and organises WP and FOSS related events. He focuses on the marketing & bizdev side of the agency and he’s passionate about WordPress, open source, social media and online products.

When he’s not in front of his laptop, he’s either playing one of his bass guitars or hitting the gym. Chat with him on the Slack main WordPress team (@franz) and find him on Twitter (@franzvitulli).

Slack and Beyond: Internal Communication for Distributed Companies
“Distance will die,” the British economist Frances Cairncross predicted while observing the spread of the Internet in the 1990s. At Human Made, which is a distributed and location agnostic WordPress agency, we are defeating distance on a daily basis by using several tools and adapting them to our own needs.

In this session I’ll explain how we communicate internally at Human Made, and share how you can implement the same strategies to communicate effectively with the rest of your team—while reducing issues related to different time zones, cultures and lifestyle.

This talk is for every remote team who need to improve their internal communication to maximise productivity, and for everyone who want to own their communication tools and apps rather than being owned by them.

Hristo Pandjarov

Hristo has been working for SiteGround as a WordPress expert for more than eight years now. He’s done it all: supported WordPress clients, built websites, designed WordPress themes. In addition to that he’s author of many online tutorials and guides about WordPress. He’s been fortunate to have his passion for all things WordPress and his job overlap at SiteGround, where he develops and implements various in-house performance boost solutions to help make WordPress websites faster and more secure.

Faster is better! (and also cheaper, and more scalable)
In this talk I will share with you the latest technologies that will make your WordPress website lightning fast and at the same time more efficient and easy to scale. Performance optimizations are good for any site. They make your visitors happy and help you save on hosting costs. And what is even more, if your site is well optimized, you will also be ready for that moment of fame you’ve been waiting for, as well optimized sites are easy to scale. Here are the most important points I will cover:

* How to analyze the performance of your site and see where optimization is needed.
* Which are the best technologies that can improve your WordPress loading times.
* How to maintain a healthy, efficient and easily scalable database
* How to make your site search faster and more resource efficient with ElasticSearch
* How to properly add CDN on top of all optimization for best results.

Scott Basgaard

Scott Basgaard (@scottbasgaard) lives somewhere in the mountains of beautiful Southern Norway. Born and raised in New Jersey, he moved there to live with his wife Renate. He loves all things WordPress and organized the first WordCamp Norway in 2012. Scott’s got years of experience with WordPress and has worked previously at WebDevStudios, Time Inc., WooThemes and Human Made. He’s passionate about helping others and recently organized a 24-hour-long WordPress event, which was free for community, called WordSesh.

Sandviks – A Case Study
Scott presents on how he helped create a large, scaleable online bookstore for a Norwegian children’s publishing company Sandviks. What worked, what didn’t and why he thinks WooCommerce was the right fit.

Robert van Eekhout

Robert is de co-founder van Van Ons uit Amsterdam. Van Ons is een technische partij opgericht in 2006 met een sterke focus op techniek en WordPress. Het portfolio loopt uiteen van projecten voor televisieprogramma’s tot De Bijenkorf en van Bol.com tot Bruna.

Een succesvolle WooCommerce site
Sinds het voorjaar van 2014 is Van Ons de vaste ontwikkel partner van Joolz. Joolz is fabrikant van hoge kwaliteit kinderwagens. De webshop op basis van WooCommerce is sinds die tijd onherkenbaar veranderd. En met succes, want de verkopen zijn in twee jaar tijd enorm toegenomen. De layout is compleet aangepast om conversie te verhogen en er zijn allerlei nieuwe features ingebouwd. Ook is de website sneller gemaakt door herschrijven van bepaalde delen van het thema, andere hosting en caching. In de talk laat Robert zien waar we mee begonnen en waar we nu staan met de WooCommerce site van Joolz. Hij zal een aantal shop specifieke functies belichten die zijn ontwikkeld die de verkopen een enorme boost gaven en hij geeft inzicht in de belangrijkste e-commerce/WooCommerce learnings gedurende het traject.

Laurent Maillard

28 years old belgian, I was born in Brussels, grow up in Brazil and now live in Luxembourg after completing a master in business administration (ICHEC).
After a couple of years working in a (traditional) marketing agency, I’ve founded AdoraWeb (adoraweb.lu) in 2013. My goal was very clear form the beginning: offer up-to-date results-driven marketing services in a market that is particularly outdated.
3 years later, I’ve never been so close to achieve this goal. I’ve stopped selling websites and focus on selling growth to my clients using the digital technologies.
I’m currently facing new challenges as the size of my clients grows and I now need to build a rockstar team.

Stop selling websites. Start selling value
During this talk I’ll present the 4 steps that the audience should integrate into all their projects in order to bring tangible value to their clients. I’ll focus on the “what” of those 4 steps. I’ll then explain the “how” to use those 4 steps to market themselves better, to attract better clients and last but not least to switch from one-shot project to retainers.